The Secret of the S-Series

Written by Tony Harris,  2nd September 2017


Someone was asking me the other day; how we are able to get such high switching rates on the large Fets that we use in our S-Series to enable us to achieve 1000 watts over a 600 KHz bandwidth. It is a good question, if you look at the performance of linearity, bandwidth and flatness you think that we were switching at over 3 MHz.  Actually, in the 1000S04 we only switch at 1.6 MHz. But, then we use the technique, common in switch mode power supply design, to interleave the two halves of the H bridge. This enables us to mimic the performance that one would expect by from switching at 3.2 MHz.



So that’s the secret. We are looking to interleave in quadrature and so further push the frequency while maintain the excellent linearity and harmonic performance.


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