Impedance Matching Transformers

Impedance Matching Transformers

  • Single & Multiple Taps
  • Switchable Tap Settings
  • Power levels up to 1000 Watts
  • Frequencies from 10 KHz – 10 MHz
  • Compact Designs

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Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions to Impedance Matching

In order to maximize the power transfer from your amplifier to your load, you need to ensure that the impedance of both the source and load are the same. All Electronics & Innovation, Ltd. amplifiers have a characteristic output impedance of 50 ohms – if the impedance of your load is not 50 ohms, you will have some power reflected back to the amplifier.

E&I offers several options to achieve maximum power transfer:

  • If you know the impedance of your load, you can provide a Matching Transformer to transform the 50 ohm impedance of the amplifier to match the impedance of your load.
  • If you are unsure of your impedance, or are looking for a general research tool in this area, a Switchable Transformer is a very helpful solution.
  • Custom Solutions also available – Contact Us with your requirements.

The JT series Step up / Step down transformers offer low cost, flexible solutions to impedance matching. The JT series transformers operate over a wide frequency band and allow you to increase peak to peak voltage without having to increase the power of your RF amplifier. Due to their compact size, they can easily by placed in close proximity to the load and therefore minimize any losses due to the Q of your network.

Step-up/step-down impedance matching transformer


  • Impedance Transformation options from 3 to 800 ohms
  • Frequency coverage 10 KHz – 10 MHz
  • Rated for 150 Watts – high power options available upon request
  • Compact design

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E&I’s Locked On series of switchable impedance transformers enable you to transform the 50 ohm input impedance of the amplifier, to drive higher or lower impedances ranging from 6 to 800 ohms, over the entire frequency range of 500 KHz through 5 MHz


  • Multiple tap settings
  • 500 KHz – 5 MHz frequency coverage
  • 1000 Watts Power Capability
  • Fan Cooled


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Additional Options Available:

  • VSWR Measurement via LCD front panel display – indicating forward and reverse power readouts, allowing you to easily know which setting offers the best match; denoted by a “D” in the part number
  • Hot Switching – allowing you to adjust the unit without turning off the RF power; denoted by an “H” in the part number

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