Wireless Power Transfer

WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) or WET (Wireless Energy Transfer) refer to methods to transfer electrical energy without the use of a physical link. Instead a varying electromagnetic field is used to couple energy from a transmitter to a receiver. Several ISM frequencies are being used for this work.

While this is not a new technology, it was demonstrated by Tesla in the early 1900’s, it has recently become very active in the advent of electric vehicles. E&I’s S-Series of amplifiers are well suited to the resonate-coupled approach for near field transfer that operates in the low KHz region.

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Wireless Power Transfer Capabilities

Types Wireless Power Transfer
Amplifiers Class D/S
Frequency Range 20 Khz - 600 Khz
500-1000 Watts
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain 60 dB
Function AC to DC to RF Conversion
Components Custom RF Passive Products
Matching Transformers
Variable Matching Transformers
Input Voltage 81 to 240 VAC
Controls RS-232
Mounting Rack
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Finish Overlay / Paint
Testing Burn In
Quality Warranty 3 Year
Additional Services Custom Applications
Technical Consultation
Production Volume Prototype to Quantities
Lead Time 4 weeks Typical