Phased Array RF Power Amplifier Systems with 2 to 61 Channels

Phased Array Systems are used in a variety of applications, from 3D imaging to research in drug delivery. Electronics & Innovation, Ltd. offers custom solutions to satisfy your phased array requirements. We have developed several systems for custom applications, from as few as 2 channels, up to 61 channels. We offer separate channels that can be driven independently by varying the input signal. Dual channels can be employed as modules to provide multiple channels as well as full rack systems.

We are well known in the industry for adapting to our customers’ specific application needs.

We are able to design highly custom Phased Array solutions from prototype to production in half the time of the industry standard.

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Our Capabilities

  • We’ve designed systems from as few as 2 channels and up to 61 channels
  • All channels can be gain controlled with a dc voltage to provide for minimal phase variation
    • This is achieved by adjusting the gate bias to the MosFets that form the RF amplification
  • Incorporated gain control of the individual channels
    • One of the problems with using a simple PIN diode to control the power is that there is a large phase change with attenuation of a PIN diode.