Stepping out of the Shadow

E&I vs ENI

What is the difference between Electronics & Innovation and Electronic Navigation Industries?


E&I ENI Comparison
The last ENI ® broadband amplifier rolled off the production line in 2000, after a proud 31 years of design and manufacturing. The last E&I amplifier rolled off the production line about 15 minutes ago and another will shortly follow. A proud 19 years of design and manufacturing, to date. I am confident that E&I will be around for another 30 years, although I personally by then may have cocked my toes or at least hung up my soldering iron, slide rule and napkin!

For over 31 years ENI made a name for producing rugged and reliable RF power amplifiers.

E&I had its beginnings in early 2003. Our plan was to raise the “Blue Boxes” from the phoenix of ENI ashes. Although we totally redesigned the amplifiers using up to date electronics and technology, we maintained the style and coloring as we wanted the amplifiers to be recognizable in the marketplace.

But that was almost 20 years ago. E&I now has its own brand, in its own name; synonymous with ruggedness, reliability and superior technical support.

It is time to Step out of the Shadow.

So if you are looking to replace an ENI amplifier, look no further than here. If you are looking for a new application, this frequency power chart is very helpful. But better still, Contact Us, give us a call or drop us a line. We would love to discuss your application with you.


Tony Harris

31st March 2022

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