That Sick Feeling

Written by: Tony Harris, January 4, 2016



There is nothing more that makes me sick to my stomach than when I get an e-mail, or one of my employees tell me, that one of our amplifiers has failed in the field. You may think I jest, but I do not. A feeling of panic and nausea overwhelms me. It does not seem to matter whether the unit is under warranty or not. It really is quite irrational.

As the old adage goes; it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. We always address the issue and ensure that it is dealt with expeditiously, completely and, most importantly, that the customer is more than satisfied with our response.

E&I amplifiers seldom fail and I should know by now that our response will be such as to really “wow” the customer. So I should know that, as my mother would always say: it will be alright in the end. But none of the rational arguments prevail when I am told that a unit has failed. I am not sure whether they ever will or if I will ever overcome the feeling – I hope so.

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