Written by: Tony Harris, August 1, 2014



Jen has been bugging me for ages to write a note for the E&I newsletter, but there always seems to be something that takes a higher priority. Now I sit here at my desk with no internet. I’m not sure if it was the tremendous thunderstorm last night that caused the problem, but Frontier tells us it will definitely be repaired by tomorrow at 5.00 PM! So I have cleaned up my desk, done a lot of filing of paper that accumulates somehow, done all the finance stuff (which I hate) that Karen has been on my case for, so that she can do the bank reconciliation.  Now I can sit here and let my mind wander, guilt free.

It’s been a crazy year for us at E&I. In April we moved to a larger facility which was quite stressful. We had to make sure that we were able to continue to serve our customers while we moved; phones, internet, computers, servers, test equipment, manufacturing and on and on. On the day of the move John was in the office before 8.00 am tempting everyone with coffee and donuts. He finally left the new building at 11.30 pm that night. Yury and Jeff got test up and running, Sarah and Laurie did an outstanding job in organizing everything and we were up and running in operations within a couple of days. The effort that Laurie put into organizing the new stock room was, for me, truly awe-inspiring.

Since we moved 3 more people have joined E&I: Bev Devito, (ex ENI) in assembly, Bill Pulhamus (ex ENI) in R&D and Jeff Keller (from pharmaceuticals) in Sales, to cope with the ever-increasing work load. Bev brings more years of experience in electronic assembly than she would want me to let on. Bill has a wealth of knowledge of RF and switch-mode designs, gained not only at ENI but also Harris RF; while Jeff Keller brings experience in CRM systems and customer satisfaction.

It is just over 10 years since E&I was founded and the demand for our products continues to grow. I do not think that this is by chance. I am exceptionally lucky to be part of a really great team here; dedicated to listening to our customers, solving their problems and ensuring we provide them with the most rugged and reliable RF power products available. Some of us have worked together for a couple of decades, some a couple of months, but we all share common values. These are, as our mission statement states, to ensure all our actions and interactions are carried out in accordance with the highest levels of ethics, respect and integrity. Whenever we face a question or dilemma, we ask ourselves a question: If we were the customer, what would we want us to do? It is amazing how this simplifies everything and quickly puts any issue into perspective.



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