End of FY-14: Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Written by: Tony Harris, September 21, 2014



Busy time of the year at E&I, September 30th is the end of our fiscal year. I must confess, I’m looking forward to a week’s vacation I have planned in October. I’m going out to California and will be meeting up with a lot of friends; some that I met in 1979 when I started at the University of Lancaster and some that I met when I started at ENI in 1997.

Now here at E&I, we are working on an exciting new product. Our first Class D amplifier will operate from 20 to 100 KHz at 1000 watts. It is highly efficient and we are very pleased with the prospects that this product has. The new product line will be rolled out in early 2015

Additionally, we will start rolling out our new higher frequency products next month. Our 3200LA / 3100L / 350L and 325LA have been redesigned along with the 403 LA and 411LA. The new designs of the 3200LA / 3100L and 350L are more compact than the older versions. Not only more compact but actually they are less costly so we will be able to reduce the price. Not often you hear that these days…

Here in Upstate New York, the trees are starting to change colour. There was a mist over the fields this morning and Naples Grape festival is next weekend. Not good signs for a sun and heat lover such as I!



21st September 2014

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