E&I Product Testimonials

Kona Medical, Inc.

Kona Medical:

“Excellent! Thanks for exceeding my expectation. The amplifier arrived Friday, we ran it through our calibration and we were using it Friday afternoon.”

Tom Anderson, Ph.D.

Coto Technology

Coto Technology:

“I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the excellent technical support, service and integrity that E&I provides. 
In 2008 we purchased a 2KW RF amplifier from E&I and found that we needed more power than the specified maximum. E&I was there to help us and modified the unit adding an additional power supply and cooling fans.

Several months later our company was destroyed by a flood with river water levels reaching 6 feet in our office and engineering lab. We took the E&I amplifier to a car wash, removed the panels and used a high pressure wash to rinse out the oily dirty mess.

Once again E&I took on a challenge and agreed to evaluate the unit for us. Something very few companies would ever consider.

Within a week we had an answer from E&I. To our amazement E&I had assessed and cleaned out the remaining water and by some miracle brought the unit back from sure death for a tiny fraction of the replacement cost.

This is a testimony both to the quality and robustness of the E&I design and without a doubt excellent technical support that this company provides.”

Roger Lavallee, Sr. Test Engineer

University of Dundee

University of Dundee:

“Just a note to thank you for all your help given to our electronics Technician, which enabled him to repair our amplifier. The swift dispatch of a replacement board was very welcome.”

Thanks again.
Donald McLean

Aeroflex International Ltd

Aeroflex International Ltd:

“Asked for a service manual for our old ENI amplifier. Received reply within hours.
Documentation received was high quality. First class service. Amplifier back in service. Result!”

Lawrence Cairns

University of Oxford

University of Oxford:

“The E&I 1040L has been successfully received and we are eagerly awaiting the E&I A300. Thank you for the amazingly fast delivery time.”
Best regards,

Dr. Constantin-C Coussios.

Snowbird Software Systems:

“Your web site says “We offer unparalleled service and support” and it’s absolutely right!! Thank you so much for getting back quickly and resolving my 320L problems.”
Kind Regards,

Malcolm Harman

ST Microelectronics


“Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the E&I 325LA that we recently purchased. Most impressive for us is the conservative specs. This amp comfortably delivers 50 watts when needed. We had a particular application at 210 MHz; no problem. Harmonic content is lower than other amps we have tested, always nice to see. Compact, lightweight, great for our lab. We have recommended the 325LA to our production facility.”

Rich Hildenbrandt



“We have used ENI amplifiers in our EMC lab for 15 years. They have proven themselves to be very robust and reliable.

When E&I was formed and would provide service for our existing ENI amplifiers I was very glad. Finding a repair house for older equipment that performs well is not usually and option. I recently sent in my 6100L for repair. Even though E&I does not manufacture a new version of this amplifier, they were able to repair it in a cost effect and timely manner.

Thanks to your team at E&I for helping us maintain an important asset at Intertek!”

Michael F. Murphy.