Thomas Hardy

Written by: Tony Harris, January 16, 2016



Last Tuesday I had the serendipitous fortune to visit Thomas Hardy’s birth place in Higher Bockhampton near the town of Dorchester in Dorset County, England. I’d recently seen the film ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. Here is a poet and author whose writings elucidate life in Victorian England and which are spiced with influences of Elliot and Dickens. He is undoubtedly a literary giant of his times.

So why, you might ask, was it serendipitous fortune that caused me to happen upon his birth place? Well I was actually looking for Precision Acoustics.

Precision Acoustics is hidden away, but I did finally find it. It was great to be shown around the facility, meet the team and look at all the exciting projects that they have going on. I learned a lot about transducers and hydrophones. It always is nice to see E&I amplifiers in action at a customer’s site and they have quite a few.

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