Written by: Tony Harris, September 14, 2014



It is a very strange day. I sit here watching the American Football team; the Buffalo Bills and they are winning! They normally specialize in finding ways to lose. But then, the game is not over yet – Last week they played against the Chicago Bears in Chicago and won; on the opening Sunday.

I watched that game too, on TV, even though I had been in Chicago all week for the IEEE IUS conference. It is good to meet up with so many friends and acquaintances, that we have made over the years. We met Oliver from Imasonics in Manhattan in 2007, Precision Acoustics in Beijing, Sonic Concepts, Onda Corp, Verasonics, PZ-Flex and so many others. Most we see twice a year, at the IEEE IUS conf. and also the ISTU conf.

The first IEEE IUS conference that E&I sponsored was in 2007 in Manhattan NY. Since then we have sponsored/exhibited at the conference every year, taking us to Beijing, Rome, San Diego, Orlando, Dresden, Prague and last week Chicago. We are looking forward to next year in Taiwan and in 2016; Tours, France. We hope to see you there too. If you make it, please stop by our booth.

It was an excellent conf; the activity and progress in ultrasonic research seems unstoppable.

Incredible scenes; Buffalo beat the Miami Dolphins 29 to 10.



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