Written by Tony Harris, March 4, 2016


What is the difference between ‘Electronics & Innovation’ and ‘Electronic Navigation Industries’?  The last ENI® broadband amplifier rolled off the production line in 2000 after, a proud, 31 years of design and manufacturing. The last E&I® amplifier rolled off the production line about 15 minutes ago and another will shortly follow. A proud 13 years of design and manufacturing, to date. I am confident that E&I® will be around for another 30 years, although I personally by then may have cocked my toes or at least hung up my soldering iron, slide rule and napkin!

Over 31 years ENI® made a name for producing rugged and reliable RF power amplifiers. In fact we still get them back here to service, often 30 years old and Jeff Kopalek, our service manager, breathes a new lease of life into them.

With the E&I® amplifiers, our customers experience the same rugged and reliable performance that they have come to expect, the same conservative ratings and unparalleled customer support. Most of the new amplifiers have a four-port coupler on the output. This enables us to measure forward and reflected power, which is displayed on the front panel and can also be accessed via an RS232 connector on the rear panel.  The RF sections use DMoS or LDMoS devices de-rated to the same guidelines that we used at ENI® and the AC sections employ modern switch mode power supplies.

So if you are looking to replace an ENI amplifier, look no further than here. If you are looking for a new application, this frequency power chart is very useful. But better still contact us, give us a call or drop us a line. We would love to discuss your application with you.



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